Monday, August 4, 2008

nesting dolls and pirates...

a girlfriend of mine is having her first baby.
it is a girl.
all my friends have boys.
i have a boy.
extra excited that finally, someone is having a girl!
my girlfriend collect nesting dolls, and is very "shabby chic."
so, i have knit her a blanket, sewn her a blanket, sewn and embroidered her some nesting dolls to be working on bibs, a mobile and mini nesting plushies.
i also hired a girlfriend to felt some patches and embroider some felt faces for a set of real nesting dolls. it is all coming out very cute. i think...

now, my son is about to turn 3.
and for his birthday we are going for a pirate theme.
we are doing it in a park, having an octopus topped bounce house.
i am having pirate cupcakes, a treasure hunt, and i am trying to decide what to make for the gift bags...i am thinking tee shirts with pirate appliques and mini pirate plushies, eye patches and bandanas, maybe even some exotic seashells...

1 comment:

dawn said...

cute, cute, cute. she WILL love it.
i know i would.