Saturday, August 16, 2008

lazy days and beautiful weather

my boss woke up at 6:45 this morning.
luckily, my assistant, his papa got up with him while i enjoyed a lie in.
my boys are well trained, they know i dont get up for less than a pint sized mocha.
and i am lucky they humor me.
by the way, my husband makes the best ever espresso drinks.

munchkin and i played in his room for an hour with a set of soon to be customized nesting dolls.
it is amazing the things that will occupy and entertain a not yet 3 year old.
he would put them together, shake them, ask, "mama, hear that? whats inside? hmmm...maybe lunch? just ate dinner? or 'nother one dollie? lets see!" and then he would say his magic words, "zimmin-pocus!" open them up and get really excited and surprised to find another dollie. every time was just like the first, that amazed me.

the dolls are going into the the gift for my girlfriends baby, the one who is obsessed with martyoshkas...i have become a bit derailed with that entire project, as i decided to make a terry cloth multi purpose blanket for her with nesting doll is really duper cute. pictures soon.

after our dollie play, we practiced spelling with a spelling puzzle, made sandwiches with his wooden foods and the played with this really cool geometric stacking toy...then embarked on a 3 hour walk through the marsh.

now, i am working on a project for him, making pirate plushies for the goodie bags we will give out at his birthday. i am also appliqueing little pirates onto tee shirts and i bought some felt eye patches and am debating make or buy scarves? all pirates need scarves...i was really happy to find the vintagey pirate fabric that i am using, it is little kids playing pirate dress up, so cute.

still working on my necklace and earring line as well...

lots to do.
and it is such a lazy saturday.

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