Wednesday, August 20, 2008

matryoshka maddness...

song has taken a back seat to my matryoshka collection...
well, ok, collection of stuff for Aria, robin and gregs little on on the way.
i finished 4 of six burp clothes this morning, must finish second blanket this afternoon
as well as one large nesting doll plushie/pillow.
i have also been inspired by etsy seller emilie friday and wish to make a hanging piece
like this (nesting doll themed of course):

i love her creations!!!

ok, i really hope i can wrap this and post some pictures today.
i also need to post pictures of the beautiful felt patches irene joy made me!!!
love that girl!!!
theres nothing she cant stitch!

more later, i hope!

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dawn said...

did robin's baby come yet?