Saturday, June 6, 2009

pretty things

shannon and i went to the international gem & jewelry fair today.
there were so many pretty things - stones, beads, gems. just lovely.
while we wanted to buy everything, we barely reigned ourselves in and bought what we could.
i can't wait to see what shannon comes up with!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

at the boardwalk postcards

I had my favorite photos from our boardwalk outing made into postcards. Now everyone can send their friends/family a little bit of summer in the mail.
You can get yours in our Etsy shop now.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

boardwalk fun

i took a trip with some friends to the santa cruz beach boardwalk today. we had tons of mindless fun and i was able to snap a few pics. those are my favorites

Monday, March 30, 2009

f2images photography

i am in love with the photography for sale at f2images etsy shop.
the one above is by far my favorite and i am looking for new art to buy to hang on the walls in my freshly painted hallway. i'm afraid the photo might be 'too gray' since i painted the hallway a fairly mid-gray color. i'm sure i can find something else from f2images that will be perfect.
be sure to check out the gorgeous photographs.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

handmade holiday goodness

i LOVE this wreath elise made from shoe boxes.
it's so cute i can't stand it. i'm definitely making it next weekend.

i think i'm also jumping on board the handmade holiday 2008. money will be especially tight since i lost my job but there are so many wonderful handmade things to give.
a few weekends ago i made granola and bread that i think i can perfect into perfect holiday gifts as well. so exciting!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

my inspiration

i haven't been doing anything lately because i feel like i don't know where to start. today i thought i'd take a walk and photograph for inspiration and the only things that have been jumping out at me lately are signs!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


so, my son is turning 3 friday, the 26th and i have been manically planning the occasion.
it isnt a big to do, but i finally feel up to it AND he is anticipating it, he "gets" it.
super cute side note, today, i asked what he would like for his birthday present and he brings me this little wooden tow truck that i bought for $1 and he says, "this super cool truck toy mama, this not a super cool toy? this is a super cool toy mama, wrap it in this blanket for me now." so, i thought he meant wrap and give it now, and when i offered it back to him, tears shot from his eyes and he said, "no mama, today not my birthday, its coming soon, no giving me present now!"

ok, so, i have been making the gift bags and 17 of 24 are finished and i am really pleased.
i would have prefered 100% hadmade, but, i couldnt live up to that this year.
pictures are below.
at his party, there will be a treasure hunt, the bags will be stashed in a treasure chest.

my husband works for oracle.
today open world opened and he was there, not here.
our son, who is getting more and omre into pretend play decided to be papa.
he turned one end of our sofa into oracle.
he turned my dining table into work from home.
and he asked me to make him a wallet, which i did, which he left at oracle while he worked from home, the apple really doesnt fall far from the tree, does it?
pictures of wallet below too, it took me about 5 minutes really, so dont expect much, but, he loves it so much, it went under his pillow for sleeping...

1 pirate pillow
1 eye patch
1 bandanna
1 mini spyglass
1 ring
1 pirate theme temporary tattoo
1 dress a pirate sticker sheet
1 pirate paddle ball