Sunday, September 21, 2008


so, my son is turning 3 friday, the 26th and i have been manically planning the occasion.
it isnt a big to do, but i finally feel up to it AND he is anticipating it, he "gets" it.
super cute side note, today, i asked what he would like for his birthday present and he brings me this little wooden tow truck that i bought for $1 and he says, "this super cool truck toy mama, this not a super cool toy? this is a super cool toy mama, wrap it in this blanket for me now." so, i thought he meant wrap and give it now, and when i offered it back to him, tears shot from his eyes and he said, "no mama, today not my birthday, its coming soon, no giving me present now!"

ok, so, i have been making the gift bags and 17 of 24 are finished and i am really pleased.
i would have prefered 100% hadmade, but, i couldnt live up to that this year.
pictures are below.
at his party, there will be a treasure hunt, the bags will be stashed in a treasure chest.

my husband works for oracle.
today open world opened and he was there, not here.
our son, who is getting more and omre into pretend play decided to be papa.
he turned one end of our sofa into oracle.
he turned my dining table into work from home.
and he asked me to make him a wallet, which i did, which he left at oracle while he worked from home, the apple really doesnt fall far from the tree, does it?
pictures of wallet below too, it took me about 5 minutes really, so dont expect much, but, he loves it so much, it went under his pillow for sleeping...

1 pirate pillow
1 eye patch
1 bandanna
1 mini spyglass
1 ring
1 pirate theme temporary tattoo
1 dress a pirate sticker sheet
1 pirate paddle ball

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