Wednesday, July 30, 2008

we've only just begun...

the song line is in full swing.
i am just taking a break from stringing, wrapping, snapping, playing with my new and
wonderful materials.
this is really exciting for me, making things, is such fun.
something i am especially enjoying is using the same elements and components in most pieces yet achieving different results in each and every piece! looking forward to the big finish.

the set pictured here is "sally cinnamon," yes, inspired by the stone roses song.
she is possibly the only piece made in the line using silver toned metal! as for the rest,
it is a wait and see situation!!!

back to work,
xox btw, if you love sally c. you can have her...follow this link (-M)

i am currently LOVING the surreal photography of
Irene Suchocki. I find her ethereal images hauntingly soothing. Her sense of what I like to call "dirty pretty," is refreshing and amazing, timeless and breath taking. Be sure to visit her Etsy Shop,!!!

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dawn said...

oh, i love those photographs! great find.